Donate for the 4th Integral European Conference

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The Integral European Conference is the main gathering for the Global Integral Community in Europe.

Full potential of the integral approach.  New findings, research and application.
Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory is a shared reference point and other apporaches are welcome too.

“The Integral European Conference is providing one of the most sophisticated, up-to-date, genuinely Integral (not pretenders), most exciting source of fundamental and leading-edge Integral ideas and practices to be found anywhere in the world.”

Ken Wilber

Dear Integral Friend


IECs happens because a small IEC team of around 5 people work for 1 year continuously. Team members are underpaid, or unpaid, including the directors, because of the high costs of a conference. Think of the coffee that you drink during breaks: only that tiny thing costs €22.500 / $30.000 for the organizers and participant pays ca. €450 / $530 for the conference. So little is left for salaries. Profit at the end has been so far 2 times minues (loss) and one time ca. 5% of income, 95% was costs. Therefore some team members have left and new people came but enthusiasm fades on the long run if there is low reward. You can reduce this emotional-relational-faith harm and reward people by donating. Team needs to feel that the community cares about them. They do this from a sense that integral conference is a rare and precious thing: a sacred time, because of what integral represents, a mission in evolution. Therefore a deep love and caring comes from the organizers as they feel being in  service to people and the cosmos. We can’t take it for granted the IEC-s occur. Let’s donate to those who make it happen and keep them happy and motivated!


Help those who can’t pay the conference fee. Donate to those who are eager to come but can’t afford it. The IEC team wants to offers them scholarships! May they be students, elders, or healers, artists and people in a life phase where they don’t make enough to have extra for a week-long “vacation” in a foreign country.